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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Calculator: How Much Stuffing Would It Take to Stuff Your House Like A Turkey?

Movoto takes on the hard questions - read their whole post for more of the calculations. Here's the calculator:

Stuff Your House Like A Turkey Calculator By Movoto Real Estate

Doing the math -  one cubic foot equals 119.7 cups = 39.9 boxes of Stove Top stuffing, or 14.76 lbs. For a 2,500 square feet house if it were 10 feet high (yeah, I know, but were rounding things off here) that would be 25,000 cubic feet. So, for our sample house:

Pounds of stuffing: 369,075 lbs
Cooking time: 83,125 hours

For other buildings:

Empire State Building

Pounds of stuffing: 546,231,000
Cooking time: 123,025,000 hours

Taj Majal

Pounds of stuffing: 2,952,600
Cooking time: 665,000 hours

White House

Pounds of stuffing: 14,757,095
Cooking time: 3,323,670 hours