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Friday, February 19, 2016

Michelangelo’s Tuscan Villa For Sale

The deeds to Michelangelo’s old Tuscan villa, a three-structure complex complete with Renaissance-age fixtures, functional wood-burning fireplaces, and an olive grove, could be yours for just $8,369,602.

The nearly 13,000-square-foot property known as La Torre de Michelangiolo has been on the market since July 2014 but was only advertised on an international scale last August on Handsome Properties. It’s curious that no millionaire has jumped on this opportunity yet, as the property seems pretty sexy — and eight million dollars doesn’t seem terribly outlandish for bragging rights to owning the former home of one of the Renaissance’s most famous artists, right?

Originally built as a fortification, the property was purchased by Michelangelo in 1549, three years after the Pope appointed him architect for St. Peter’s Basilica. The artist had written a letter to his nephew Leonardo asking him to help him find a reasonably priced property ten or 15 miles away from Florence. He purchased the villa for 2,281 florins (roughly a little over $319,340 today), and it remained in the Buonarroti family until 1867, after which a number of Italian families have resided in it. Its current owner, the Busoni family, has lived there since 1973 and are now seeking a prospective owner who understands the history of the property and will respect it as they did, according to realtors.

Lots more information, floor plans and photos at HyperAllergic.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Here are the 12 US markets with the most vacant homes

Interesting - here's Business Insider:
Tfairly strong, but in some cities there are a lot of properties sitting empty.
he housing market may be
According to RealtyTrac, a real estate research firm, 1.6% of the 84 million residential properties in America are sitting empty.
We've gone over RealtyTrac's data and found the 12 housing markets that have a vacancy rate of at least 3%.
None of them, of course, are anywhere near Northern Virginia. The top two are in Michigan, in Flint and in the Detroit area, respectively:

1. Flint, MI
Number of Vacant Homes: 11,605
Total Residential Properties: 154,137
Vacancy Rate: 7.5%
2. Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI
Number of Vacant Homes: 81,190
Total Residential Properties: 1,539,609
Vacancy Rate: 5.3%
See the whole article at Business Insider.