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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Want to be happy you live in VA? Look at what $1 million gets you in the most unaffordable U.S. cities

San Fran: 

If you’re looking to blow $1 million and don’t care much about space, this one bedroom apartment in San Francisco will fit the bill. It’s close to public transportation, which you’ll probably need after spending so much money to live in the city. However, if you still manage to hold onto your car, garage parking is available at the complex. No pets are allowed in the building and a maximum of two people are allowed to live in the unit — after all, it is just a one bedroom, one bathroom, 696 square foot space. There are no washer and dryer connections, but there is a laundromat in the building. You’ll have to pay to wash your clothes there, but at least you won’t have to haul everything around town to do the wash.


This $1 million condo includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 884 square feet, and some decent amenities. In addition to a walk-in closet, this apartment comes with a washer and dryer, small balcony, and close proximity to Cooper Park. The Zen Garden is a community feature, as is the fitness center, heated indoor pool, and Jacuzzi. The features in the unit aren’t outstanding or even worth noting, but the community itself has nice amenities.

Yes, this is a terrible value that’s unaffordable for most people, but New York is one of the most expensive cities to live in worldwide. It’s not a shoe box and the neighborhood is relatively safe, so all things considered, this Brooklyn condo isn’t too bad.

Miami, Florida:

The exterior of this Miami house could use a facelift. The interior needs some updates as well. Still, if you want to live in a Miami home that’s not an apartment or condo, and you’re not worried about having a spacious lot or living in a great neighborhood, this $1 million dollar residence could be perfect for you.

The house has three bedrooms, two baths, and is 1,287 square feet. There’s tile flooring in the house — no word on how long ago that was installed — as well as central air conditioning. There’s no garage, but a few standard appliances are included. No, the appliances are not top of the line.

The most interesting thing about this house is that it last sold in 1993 for $59,900. Not much has been done with the property since then and the area isn’t spectacular, which proves one thing: Miami real estate is over valued, unaffordable, and definitely doesn’t provide much bang for the buck.

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